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The Vodkaphiles Review
The Jewel of Russia -- Classic

Made in: Russia
Distributed/Imported in the US by: BMC Imports
Main raw material: Grain
Expected retail price: $ 29.00
Employing an authentic, 300-year-old bottle design, this Russian vodka is made from the finest Russian hard winter wheat and rye and undergoes multi-column distillation for silk smoothiness and high-absorbent filtration for extra purity.

Characteristic Score Possible
Aroma/Fragrance 17.57 20
Appearance/Texture 18.14 20
Taste/Aftertaste 44.57 50
Packaging/Marketing 8.43 10
Totals 88.71 100

The Vodkaphiles Comment on
The Jewel of Russia -- Classic

Here are the comments our experts shared on this vodka.

I had difficulty opening the vodka, but do think the bottle is outstanding. Vodkaphiles who want to impress their fellow imbibers would do well with this line of vodkas - difficult to obtain (at least at first), beautifully packaged and quite tasty.
I loved this one. It is clean and fresh-tasting. It strikes me as an excellent Russian-style vodka, with real character and a nose that increases anticipation. Ever so slight aftertaste of alcohol.
Has a rich, almost buttery feel in the mouth. Exceptional.
The smoothest vodka I have yet tasted. Everything about it is superb. Should make a big presence in the crowded marketplace of premium vodkas.
Supple melon, plum, stone fruits, mild mineral and gravel essence hint at camphor.
Rounded and viscous offering some earthy character of stone, mineral with subtle coca, baking spices, cardamom, carraway flavors kicking in leading to a complex interesting ending. Slightly hot but beautifully balanced finish.
Package is awkward, clumsy and heavy with little to offer the uninitiated. Bland and unassuming, looks like inexpensive off-brand. Pourers are problematic and should be omitted.
A very luminous and creamy vodka. The texture is smooth and consistent and the aroma very appealing -- touched with a bit of vanilla and walnut. Definitely not an "over-distilled" vodka, this one has plenty of flavor without any of the bite. A very distinctive, hearty bouquet of flavors that is not pungent or harsh. The pouring device is a minus, but the solid, simple feel of the bottle gives the product a feeling of aged confidence. Superior vodka!
Pleasing aroma, subdued yet attractive with undercurrents of spice, grain and a trace of fruit. Crystal clear, clean, creamy, full. Faintly sweet on palate with no medicinal notes. Faint grain, spice and fruit. Note of camphor. Well-balanced, smooth, silky and creamy in mouth carrying through to finish. Close to Ultra but not as finesseful. Again, a beautiful bottle.

Our vodka experts are dispersed around the country, tasting the very best vodkas. We do not gather together in one place, engage in Groupthink, and otherwise influence one another's opinions. Each expert has their own tastes, preferences and quirks (but we share a tasting methodology). We feel all of this contributes to more interesting, honest results.
It is worth noting that, in our scoring, we use the full 100 point scale, not just the top 10 or 20 points of it. We don't believe in grade inflation. The final scores tallied above are the average scores of our seven vodka experts from around the country.
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